Focusing on focus

The sun can hit a wooden plank
for years without a mark
yet magnify the focused rays
and flames begin to spark

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What we create today…

What we create today - a new poem and blog by Stephan Stubbins

What is it I create,
with the time today I borrow?
A compound interest shaping,
what I’ll make tomorrow

Cleaning the Lenses

I didn't even think to clean my lenses, I was used to looking out that way. It took a moment's pause, to get down to the cause. Now life's a little brighter every day. - a poem by Stephan Stubbins

I didn’t even think to clean my lenses
I was used to looking out that way
It took a moment’s pause
To get down to the cause
Now life’s a little brighter every day

Satisfy the thirsty

Satisfy the Thirsty - a blog post and poem by Stephan Stubbins

You can misunderstand what I offer
You can leave a review that’s the worst
But the water I give from my cup’s not for you
It’s for those that are dying of thirst