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I face the pesky problem
and send it to my head

To find the answer hiding
in my heart instead
- Stephan Stubbins
In a world of "do you love me"

Answer "yes"
- Stephan Stubbins
Know the prize is there

...but don't stare
- Stephan Stubbins
Plant your roots amongst the jewels, gentle one
​​You are a forest, far more than just a tree

Withering your majesty serves no one
- Stephan Stubbins
Compared to you
I tried and grew
a niche of my potential

I let you go
and now I grow
in networks exponential
- Stephan Stubbins
The water didn't get warmer...

I got more bold
and more careless of cold
- Stephan Stubbins

You have a light that can change the world

And it’s my mission to help you make that happen

You know that feeling… 

Inspiration strikes like ⚡️lightning ⚡️and you have an amazing new idea for your business. 

Wow! You can just see it coming true… you feel like dancing.

And then the next day you sit down to work and discover that the feeling is gone. You can almost sense it sink away as you’re left feeling cloudy and uncertain…

That’s the challenge! We’re always changing like the weather as our emotions, uncertainties, and thoughts confuse us. 

✨That doesn’t make your ideas any less worthy… or less possible.✨

That’s where a great coach comes in. 

Whether you’re feeling partly sunny, rainy, or overcast with a chance of fog… 

It takes a great listener and a guiding hand to keep you steady as you navigate your way through those changes.

If we followed through with our best ideas we would quite literally astound ourselves.

Sign up for a free first coaching session below. I’ll get you onto the path and into the light ☀️ 


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Stephan Stubbins

Stephan Stubbins

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